1. What was supposed to be a happy celebration this weekend turned into a bittersweet one. But let me back up to last week.
  2. Last Wednesday, my grandpa, who my sister Amy and I call Pop-Pop, was admitted to the hospital with what they thought was pneumonia but ended up being a heart attack.
  3. On Friday, my mom and I went to see him. He couldn't talk, but he could hear. We all talked to him and held his hand. I could feel his hand moving.
  4. On Saturday, my sister came home for my birthday and this whole week. We went to the hospital. As we held his hands and talked to him, I could see both his arms moving.
  5. On Sunday, we all went to the hospital to say goodbye. It was sad, but I'm glad he isn't in pain anymore. Since he passed away on his birthday, we went to dinner to celebrate his and my birthdays.
  6. Monday is my birthday! I was excited but also sad. My mom and sister made my day special by taking me to some special places and to lunch. I also got my hair cut!
  7. Tuesday is day four of Ashley's Birthday Adventure! Stay tuned!