Nicest Celebrities I Have Met

I've been blessed to meet a lot of famous people throughout my life.
  1. Laurie Halse Anderson
    I met her in second grade and we became pen pals and friends. I love going to visit her at book signings and surprising her! Now communication is a lot quicker through Twitter and Facebook, but our friendship is forever! :-)
  2. Janis Ian
    I met her twice after concerts. I love how she always takes time to greet each fan personally and how gracious she is. She also loves writers and told me to send her some of my writing!
  3. Dorothy Hamill
    She did an autograph signing at Weis market when I was 11. She was really nice, took pictures with Amy and me, hugged us, and signed pictures for us and two of our friends!
  4. Angela Lansbury
    In 2007, my high school graduation present from my parents was a trip to New York City to see any show I wanted. I picked Deuce, which had a limited run at the Music Box Theatre, because it had Angela Lansbury in it. I've loved her since I saw her and heard her sing in Bedknobs and Broomsticks as a little girl, and I was thrilled to see her on the stage and meet her after. She signed my playbill, took a picture with me, and hugged me. And she also sang to the crowd and was very genuine.
  5. Joey and Rory
    My mom took me to Cuppy's Coffee to see them. They put on a fun and beautiful set of songs, and they were really nice. Joey hugged me and thanked me for coming. I'll treasure that hug forever. #prayforjoey
  6. Jo Dee Messina
    I went through a big Jo Dee Messina phase in middle school, and I met her before two concerts. She is so nice and took the time to sign two things for me and took two pictures with me.
  7. Rebecca Alexander
    What can I say about Rebecca? I'm thankful I got the chance to meet her! I was inspired by her story ever since I saw her on Meredith vieira's talk show last year! She is so kind and humble, and I hope we can meet again sometime!