1. @sarahdessen is following me here on #thelistapp and she mentioned me in her positive things list from yesterday! I'm honored! (And I love spreading positivity!) thank you, Sarah! Hope you have a better day today!
  2. Was woken up by Snowflake with lots of kisses. So happy he's been exercising (he's kind of fluffy), and he can make it up on my bed or the couch in one jump now!
  3. Found this picture from back in college with the Penn state lion!
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  4. I had a turkey, laughing cow cheese, and guacamole sandwich for lunch! Yum!
  5. I ate four chocolate chip cookies for dessert just because! 🍪
  6. Dad surprised me with a bag of target popcorn! 🍿 yum! (And yay for a popcorn emoji!)
  7. Talked to my grandpa on the phone. He's always happy to hear my voice!
  8. Almost done with my project for grad school on Dr. Seuss!