1. It's Laurie halse Anderson's birthday today! :-)
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    She and I met when I was in second grade, and we became pen pals. Eventually we became email pals, and now we communicate through social media. I love visiting her on her book tours, and she can't wait to visit me! Happy birthday!
  2. I got to sleep in until 9AM! No early wake up meow.
  3. It's Friday! :-)
  4. We're going to carve a pumpkin this weekend! (I like roasting the pumpkin seeds! Delicious snack!)
  5. Adele's new single is out! So beautiful! Can't wait for her album!
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  6. Cleaned through books and videos in the attic
  7. There's a new bubble gum challenge in Candy Crush Soda Saga!
  8. Had popcorn and Taco Bell for dinner!