1. Happy birthday to my Aunt Cindy today! :-)
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  2. Snowflake let me sleep until 6:30AM!
  3. Robin Roberts is back on good morning America! :-)
  4. Ate pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for breakfast! :-)
  5. Worked on a short story :-)
  6. Almost done with my grad school paper for this week!
  7. Watching the Ravens game! 🏈💜
  8. Made popcorn on the stove for the first time! (Yes, I know.) I've only ever made it in a popcorn popper and a microwave.
  9. The Ravens lost, but I'm proud of the game they played. I still bleed black and purple every week. We'll get them next week, guys!
  10. Listening to Snowflake and Smokey snoring contentedly while I write in my journal.