Twitter Apps I Have Used and Liked

When I first joined Twitter, I never really liked the main Twitter app too much. I was game for trying any Twitter app that was available. Some are no longer being developed, and others are still being updated with the new features. Maybe you'd like to try one! I use the main Twitter app now, but I'm trying to narrow down the others too.
  1. Echofon
    This was the first one I tried using and I was hooked right away. I loved the clean interface and the theme options. When it began having crashing problems two years ago, I experimented with other apps.
  2. Tweetbot
    After I stopped using Echofon, I began using Tweetbot. I liked that I could translate tweets and I had some more customization options. I used that until Echofon was fixed. But then Echofon had some more problems and I decided to switch again.
  3. Twitterrific
    I used the original and the current Twitterrific apps. I'm a big fan of this one because now you can edit tweets (yay!) and you can see muffled tweets (their version of muted tweets) in case you're interested in something you previously didn't care about. It is a staple on my phone!
  4. Ubersocial
    I still keep this on my phone because it allows me to retweet protected Twitter users if they tweet something I like. I also like that it expands twitlonger links right in the app instead of opening a new page!
  5. Tweetcaster
    I originally liked the layout of the Twitter conversations in this app. They looked like speech bubbles. I've used it from time to time now, but it's off of my phone in favor of other apps.
  6. Tweetdeck
    I really wish this app was still available for the iPhone! It was one of my favorites! I still use it on my laptop too!
  7. I'm still not a huge fan of Twitter for iPhone, but because it has cool emojis for special hashtags, I don't want to give it up. I'm happy with using more than one Twitter app to tweet!