Although I'm enjoying my daily list of positive things, I decided to make a list each week!
  1. Monday
    I had McDonald's for dinner. My neighbor also sent over lots of desserts as a thank you gift. (We help them with Christmas shopping.)
  2. Tuesday
    Today was rainy, but I made my own sunshine by wearing my Mr. Rogers Neighborhood T-shirt! I also had some hot chocolate!
  3. Wednesday
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    Today is Veterans Day, and I took the time to call both of my grandpas who served in the marines, and I thought about my late great-grandpa who served in the navy.
  4. Thursday
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    I went with my mom to see Lee Ann Womack in concert tonight at a local theatre downtown! It was so much fun! She puts on a great show! And she sang my favorite song "I hope you dance!" :-)
  5. Friday
    I had a good writing day and I got caught up on my TV shows. I feel bad for what has happened in Paris and I'm praying for everyone's safety. #prayforparis 🇫🇷