Had a fun weekend!
  1. Downloaded an app called pomodoro, which is a productivity app. I put it on my computer and phone for writing/grad school/work and exercise, respectively. It has helped a lot! Can't wait to start using it this week!
  2. Worked on my grad school project and posted on the class discussion board.
  3. Went to breakfast with my mom, dad, and grandma! Bacon, apple butter toast, and potatoes!
  4. Went to an open house for a local store! We've been going to that store since my sister and I were young. It used to have an ice cream parlor in it, and a big section of American girl books. Sadly neither of those are there anymore, but the store is beautiful and has a lot of neat things! The owner is so nice and she always enjoys talking to us.
  5. Watched football! No Ravens, but it's okay.
  6. Went to visit Pop-Pop, and he was happy to see me! :-)
  7. Had spaghetti for dinner! Yum!
  8. Watched my sister on the news!