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Some delightful day dreaming ensues
  1. Author
  2. Wildlife sanctuary keeper
  3. TV/Movie critic
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  1. Remington Steele
    Still my all time favourite
  2. Manimal
    So short lived, so random, such shady special effects 😍😍
  3. I Dream of Jeannie
    Fun and magic!
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Things that give that make you want to enter the confessional but are so worth it
  1. Daily mail snapchat
    Has no journalistic merit whatsoever but whatever will I do without those pimple popping videos accompanied by the latest Kardashian exploits
  2. Reading the end of the book half way through
    Bad bad bibliophile, but some books are just too stressful to make ones way through with integrity
  3. Watching the end of the episode/season half way through
    Game of thrones, sorry about that, but had to catch up on 3 seasons in 1 week!
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