In chronological order, duh. Things you'll take away from this list it's all about me. I like costumes and themes and I'm weird.
  1. Awkward Christmas photo with my friends and my friend's sisters and bf.
  2. Mexico like the Midwestern tourists we are.
  3. Indy and me. I was a pioneer on the selfie front.
  4. Liberal in DC when Bush was still in charge.
  5. I thought this was artsy?
  6. Caught red handed at our punk party literally.
  7. What up Poland? I'm on a mountain and stuff.
  8. Where's Waldo or Harry Potter?
  9. This was so not posed. Just casually going down the railing.
  10. In walnut grove for all you little house on the prairie fans out there.
  11. Unintentionally Cyndi Lauper for Halloween.
  12. Pineapple on my head, gum in my mouth.
  13. Emo zombie girl, dead on.
  14. I nailed Rosie-wait...
  15. Made of great bachelorette party themes!
  16. Dancing on a pole in a party bus for my then boss' birthday.
  17. With the founder of this app, BJ Novak represent!
  18. Wedding in Scotland, coral is so last year.
  19. Sanderson Sisters were surprisingly awesome Halloween party hosts.
  20. Peace out same height roomies!