I missed my connection on the way to Israel and found myself with 12 hours to kill in Paris. So I searched this here app for "Paris" and put together an impromptu itinerary. Shoutout to all the helpful listers/suggesters below! This was truly awesome.
  1. Picasso Museum
    Skip the Louvre and go here instead. This museum is beautiful and dedicated to his work and the works of artists he associated with. Immerse yourself in his blues and portraits before losing yourself in his cubes. - @michelle
  2. Go to Gare du Nord
    watch all the people come and go. Take in the age and construction and beauty of the station and compare that of the contemporary trains. Maybe buy a ticket to somewhere outside the city. - @michelle
  3. The Eiffel Tower
    My favorite thing about Paris. It's the first place I visit when I arrive, and the last place I go to before I leave. If you are really adventurous, walk up one of the legs of the tower all the way up to the second tier. So many steps, but worth every one when you see the city from such great heights. - @michelle
  4. Visit a McDonald's.
    They're better there than they are in the US. Plus, if you want to get a beer with your Big Mac, you can! - @michelle
  5. Shop at one of the great food markets. Favorite is the marché Bastille, probably because I used to live a couple blocks away - @carey
  6. Spend a lazy afternoon in the Place des Vosges - @carey
  7. Opera Garnier
    Buy a ticket to walk around the building. Entrance is a little hidden, around the left side. This is my happy place. - @celine
  8. Rooftop view from Galeries Lafayette
    New. Nice (free) view of Paris from viewing deck (top floor). Close to opera. - @celine
  9. Hang with my 1-year-old french cousin!
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    Potentially difficult for future travelers but still recommended. - me