Going next week and there aren't many Israel-themed travel lists on ListApp yet?
  1. Please suggest/tag others! You probably know some Jews on this app.
  2. Juice from Yotvata stand on beachfront promenade. Heavenly.
    Suggested by @CutlerDave
  3. Also - Guy Sharet's graffiti tour http://bit.ly/1H1kyNN
    Suggested by @CutlerDave
  4. The Neve Tzedek neighborhood, old and restored area, Tel Aviv has a lot to offer and doesn't get enough attention.
    Suggested by @BillNovak
  5. The Beach
    Of course.
    Suggested by @jennienina
  6. Carmel Market or Shuk HaCarmel
    Produce, food, and handmade crafts and art including Judaica 😊
    Suggested by @jennienina
  7. The Yitzhak Rabin Center
    Museum of the history of the State through Rabin's life and career. Really fantastic.
    Suggested by @dn
  8. Absolutely be sure to eat at Old Man and the Sea!! It's at Jaffa Port. Incredible feast and view, you can't miss it!
    Also Benedict Rothschild for a solid breakfast option.
    Suggested by @allie
  9. Abu Hassan
    Amazing hummus
    Suggested by @mollyyeh
  10. Popina
    A fun hip restaurant
    Suggested by @mollyyeh
  11. Radio EPGB
    A really cool bar/nightclub, pretty hipster
    Suggested by @mollyyeh
  12. Jaffa Flea Market
    So jealous you're going to be in Tel Aviv!!
    Suggested by @jentin
  13. Dr Shakshuka in Yaffo. A couple times. Or eat everything at once and experience the world to come suddenly.
    Suggested by @zkamenetz
  14. Puaa
    Cool spot for lunch in Jaffa!
    Suggested by @hillary
  15. Abulafia
    Famous bakery in Jaffa and also Tel Aviv, opened in 1879.