I just left my job after 4 years and am about to embark on a long-held dream of driving across the country on a Coffee Shop Tour of America. I have a loose itinerary but it's subject to change. Where should I go?? If I go to one of your suggestions, I'll tag you in a selfie!
  1. Diesel (Somerville, MA)
  2. Forge Baking Company (Somerville, MA)
  3. La Colombe (New York, NY)
  4. First stop: Artifact Coffee (Baltimore, MD) from @bjnovak 's baltimore list. Good tip!
  5. Lamplighter Roasting Co. (Richmond, VA)
    Never gonna stop pestering you to go to Richmond.
    Suggested by @abyss
  6. Thanks @abyss !
  7. High Five Coffee (Asheville, NC)
    Discovered during the trip. They serve local beer too!
  8. Old City Java (Knoxville, TN) - stolen from @kitsteinkellner 's list THE BEST COFFEE SHOPS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
  9. Fido (Nashville, TN)
    Suggested by @ammath
  10. Thanks @ammath !
  11. Barista Parlor
    East Nashville, TN
    Suggested by @bjnovak
  12. I'm not hip enough for this place but thanks @bjnovak !
  13. Thanks @gggabrielle !
  14. Elemental Coffee, Oklahoma City
    Suggested by @ianmjayne
  15. @ianmjayne wins for timeliest suggestion; I was on my way to OKC at the time.
  16. Espresso Profeta (Los Angeles, CA)
    Suggested by @hmflynn
  17. Thanks @hmflynn !
  18. Iconik (Santa Fe, NM)
  19. Mission Coffee (Columbus, OH)
    Suggested by @heathermarie
  20. Ghostlight (Dayton, OH)
    Suggested by @heathermarie
  21. Steves Espresso (Tempe, Arizona)
    Suggested by @Schmidiot
  22. Render (Boston, MA)
    Suggested by @Schmidiot
  23. Fog and Flame (Bloomsburg, PA)
    Suggested by @julie_ghoulie
  24. Pavement (Boston, MA
    Suggested by @hpryfogle
  25. Foxy Loxy, Savannah, GA
    Suggested by @maggzerts
  26. Max Blooms Cafe Noir (Fullerton, CA)
    Suggested by @anij12
  27. Colectivo - Milwaukee, WI
    Suggested by @nathanielrepay
  28. Royal Coffee Bar (Phoenix & Tempe, AZ)
    Suggested by @Schmidiot
  29. Avoca (Fort Worth, TX)
    Suggested by @calliestorie
  30. Brewed (Fort Worth, TX)
    Suggested by @calliestorie