Knuckleballs are one of the beautiful oddities of life. Here's a list of the greatest to ever throw 'em.
  1. Phil Niekro
    Hall of Famer, 16th on the all time Win list, pitched a no-hitter in 1973. Undisputed knuckleballer G.O.A.T.
  2. Hoyt Wilhelm
    Made his MLB debut at age 29 and was an All-Star at 47. First reliever ever elected to the Hall of Fame.
  3. Charlie Hough
    Pitched a ridiculous 107 complete games over a 25 year career.
  4. Tim Wakefield
    Made his first All-Star team at age 42. Two rings. Red Sox legend.
  5. Joe Niekro
    Inferior younger brother of Phil, although the two of them combined for 539 wins, making them the most successful sibling pitching duo in baseball history. Their dad was - wait for it - a knuckleballer. Your dad is not.
  6. R.A. Dickey
    First knuckleballer to win the Cy Young Award, which he did in 2012. Distinct advantage over the other guys on this list because he's playing during the gif era, which means we get to enjoy this gem:
  7. Dutch Leonard
    I’d never heard of this guy, but according to Bleacher Report, he was "part of history in 1945, when his Washington Senators sported what is thought to be the only four-man starting rotation comprised exclusively of knuckleballers (Leonard, Roger Wolff, Mickey Haefner and Johnny Niggeling).” So obviously he’s making this list.
  8. This Japanese guy I just found on youtube
  9. Also there’s a movie exclusively about knuckleballs
    Here’s the trailer: