No jokes, no bullshit, just a list of good eats for the benefit of future travelers.
  1. Oleana
    Go-to spot for when the parents come to town and are feeling fancy. Some of the best middle eastern food I've ever had. Get the tamarind beef. I don't allow people to talk to me while I'm eating it.
  2. A4 Pizza
    Obama's Boston restaurant of choice, which is good enough for me. I'm from NYC so my pizza standards are high but these guys know what they're doing.
  3. Cafe Luna
    Indisputably the best brunch in Cambridge but I don't think I've ever waited less than an hour. Plan accordingly.
  4. Punjabi Dhaba
    I spent 6 months living in India and this is the closest any American restaurant has come to simulating that experience. They blast Bollywood music and have like 10 Indian dudes in the kitchen yelling in Hindi and lighting shit on fire. Also their food is 💯.
  5. Thelonious Monkfish
    Tremendous sushi. They're really into the T Monk gimmick (live jazz on Sundays). I'm partial to the spicy tuna on crispy rice appetizer.
  6. City Girl Cafe
    Why is this the only place I know that serves scrambled eggs with pesto? That's a fucking delicious combo that had never occurred to me.
  7. Pepper Sky's
    Somehow this Thai place became like a cult hit among my roommates. I'm somewhat less bullish but their pad thai is indeed very good.
  8. Zoe's
    Classic Harvard brunch spot. Nothing out of this world but a solid repeatable choice that won't make you wait.
  9. Henrietta's Table
    Amazing food in Harvard Square. Especially great if you can take your parents there when they visit so that they pay.
    Suggested by @Anne