Criteria: underachievers who also possessed some attribute that made them generally difficult to root for
  1. Julio Lugo
  2. Edgar Renteria
    Only got through 1/4 of his contract before they paid the Braves to take him away.
  3. Eric Gagne
    Every team needs a worst reliever who only comes in when they're either up or down by 12 runs. That was over-the-hill Eric Gagne.
  4. Craig Grebeck
    Once saw a man wearing a Grebeck jersey and gave him a puzzled look. He understood.
  5. Daisuke Matsuzaka
    Master of the 8-walk 5-inning shutout.
  6. JD Drew
    Ultimately underrated, but just such an unbearably boring dude.
  7. Carl Crawford
  8. Jose Canseco
    Maybe the most disliked human in baseball history.
  9. Julio Lugo, again
  10. Butch Huskey
    All-time great name though.