1. UPDATE FROM THE FUTURE: Hey Opening Day Gabe, it's the end of July now and this list is very embarrassing. Future Gabe almost had to delete it. Just an FYI.
  2. This photo
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    Look at that. That is a MURDERERS' ROW the likes of which we haven't seen since the Manny era. This is projected to be the best lineup in baseball and I may need to drop $200 on green monster seats.
  3. Return of Hanley
    I loved rooting for him when he was coming up in the Sox system and was sad when they had to trade him for Beckett and Lowell (and they DID have to trade him). He's a clubhouse menace and will probably be deadweight in 3 years but fuck it let's go!!!!!
  4. Rise of Mookie
    Star prospect outfielder came out of nowhere and beat out the $72 mil cuban for the last lineup spot. Tore through spring training and dared Farrell not to put him on the Opening Day roster. Moooooook.
  5. Panda!
    Goofy dude, monster bat, great nickname, just seems like a pleasure to root for. Over/Under on the day I purchase a Panda t-shirt is set at April 22nd.
  6. I have no idea who is gonna win the AL East
    All 5 teams are projected to win between 80-87 games according to Grantland. The Sox will play 76 games against these teams and many of them have the potential to be exciting/relevant to the playoff race.
  7. Your Opening Day starter: Clay Buchholz!!
    Nope this is easily the least exciting thing about a Red Sox season in recent memory. I've had the good fortune of rooting for a legit ace pretty much every year since the pre-Pedro era so it's a weird feeling to know that scoring 4 runs might never be enough to win a game this year. But the front office knows this which is why...
  8. Exhilarating trade deadline on the horizon
    The Red Sox are no strangers to exciting deadlines but they've been sellers for as long as I can remember (Nomar, Manny, Crawford/Gonzalez/Beckett). This year they're the clear frontrunners in the annual rent-an-ace sweepstakes and xmas will come early in Beantown because...
  9. Just an absurd amount of depth
    They've got 6 outfielders that could start on a major league team + the best catching prospect in baseball + some solid pitchers waiting in Pawtucket. Some will get traded and some will save the day or cave under pressure when they get the call.
  10. Bi-monthly Yoan Moncada check ins
    Nothing will ever be newsworthy about Single-A baseball but some poor schmo from the Boston Herald is gonna find himself on a plane to Virginia to interview a 19 year old. And I will read it!!!
  11. This guy