Come along for a weird aural journey.
  1. Some loungey instrumental beats
    Yep, makes total sense. I am able to focus on the person sitting across from me. Let's keep this going.
  2. "Don't Matter" - Akon
    Whoa, haven't heard this song in a minute. Borderline top 50 song of 2006, definitely didn't expect it to make an appearance during this meal.
  3. "Cabron" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Hm ok. Late era chili peppers. Something is up here.
  4. "Zephyr Song" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    This is now clearly just an arbitrary assortment of someone's favorite songs of the last 15 years and evidently it isn't even on shuffle.
  5. "Radioactive" - Imagine Dragons (live acoustic version)
    This song will never, ever belong in a restaurant with $22 pasta.
  6. "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" - Green Day
    This is now all I can think or talk about and it's unpleasant for everyone involved.