Requested by @Adam
This is kind of a cruel list request, @Adam
  1. Chicago Cubs
    How could I not? Pretty soon their entire coaching staff and front office is gonna be members of the '04 Red Sox World Series team, including manny as hitting coach + director of analytics.
  2. The Mets
    Growing up as a Boston fan in New York, this was the least threatening, most harmless NY team I could root for so I went to a lot of their games. They usually lost. I do not envy Mets fans.
  3. Tampa Bay Rays
    One of the smartest, most well-run teams in baseball that operates with a fraction of the payroll of their competitors. Still get to root against the Yankees 19 times a year. Also would happily rock a retro Devil Rays hat.
  4. Houston Rockets
    Just a big Daryl Morey guy. As soon as he leaves, I'm out.
  5. Nashville Predators
    They refer to themselves as "Smashville". I'm sold.
  6. Zero AFC football teams makes this list
    Fuck all of them. Even the Jaguars.
  7. @LevNovak @Shapiro get in on this