1. How tall was your Dad
  2. How tall is your mum
  3. Ever thought about sellin security systems? (Everyone here gets asked that) -Backwards hat wearing bro
  4. I bet you have tall ceilings
  5. Really, how big is it?
  6. Ever thought about trying out for the Nuggets (or Jazz)
  7. My nephew is 6'4
  8. While you're up there ask God for my lotto ticket to win
  9. I'm gunna call you stretch, anyone ever called you stretch before? Back in Nam I had a private in my platoon whose last name was Stretkowski, but he was a short sunnuva bitch, 4'11. Damn I wonder what happened to him, musta been 29 years since I seen him, last I heard he divorced his oriental wife cuz she only cooked rice for him, poor bastard.