Happy 30th birthday, @jgmosko! Your big sis loves you very much.
  1. He gives excellent hugs
  2. He has always been fiercely defensive of his sister
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  3. He is loyal
  4. He is very funny
  5. He will get really weird with you
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  6. So sweet and affectionate
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  7. He's really good at rugby
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  8. He's openly obsessed with Taylor Swift
    Like, OBSESSED.
  9. Super handsome dude
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  10. When we were children, he allowed me to practice cooking for him
    Results were not always good but he was a trooper
  11. He gives great advice
  12. We have very little in common but he still finds ways to connect to me
  13. He volunteers his time coaching for charity
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  14. "Somewhere Out There" from "An American Tale" is our song
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    The Mouskowitz siblings getting separated when Fievel went to New York and leaving his sister Tanya behind in Russia perfectly captured how it felt when the Moskowitz siblings were separated when I moved to Boston for college.
  15. When he sets his mind to something, he achieves it
  16. He's incredibly supportive, both privately and publicly
  17. He has an amazing work ethic
  18. He gives great man advice
    When I was single, he helped me translate every vague text or unclear move made by dudes I was dating or trying to date
  19. No boyfriend of mine was ever good enough for me
    Until @evan, and even he had to really prove himself.
  20. He shows up
  21. He's a man of his word
  22. He loves his friends expressively
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    Side note: he can't keep his tongue in his mouth when there is a camera around.
  23. He's a great partner to his girlfriend Jen
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  24. He's really excellent at talking about TV
    Here's a blog he abandoned years ago but which is so, so good http://bit.ly/1KaxPH6
  25. He uses the words "I love you" freely
    In every text, after every phone call.
  26. We can talk to each using nothing but our eyes. Works especially well at family dinners
    30 years of practice.
  27. Tradition is important to him
    Both memories of it and keeping it alive
  28. He strives to be a mensch
    In every sense of the word.
  29. He's going to be an amazing father to his future children and uncle to my future children someday
  30. He's just the best brother there is
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    Sibling relationships can be very complicated. I am so lucky to have him.