It's been a good few weeks.
  1. Young & Hungry is #1 in its demographic.
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    Likely because we were just added to Netflix, and people who didn't previously know about the show now have the opportunity to binge watch it and then catch it on TV. Whatever the reason, I'm stoked!
  2. Frozen cauliflower rice is now available at Trader Joe's.
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    I'll admit, I was skeptical when my mom (@ouizoid) told me about it, but I am so glad I gave it a try. The grains are about the size of risotto and I made a killer jambalaya with it last night. In a sautéed preparation with other flavors, it's honestly hard to tell the difference between it and regular rice.
  3. Some awesome writing opportunities coming my way.
    If all goes well, you're going to be reading a lot about food from me in the coming year.
  4. For the first time in my life, I'm starting to really like exercise.
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    I've learned that it needs to be something that I can do without having to change into complicated clothing or schlep anywhere for. My mini elliptical machine and a couple of free weights make it so easy and so gratifying.
  5. My piece in the San Francisco Chronicle about the incredible @Mel did very well!
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    It was a new area of writing for me, but my editor loved it, which means more of this kind of work is possible.
  6. Back-to-back beach vacations scheduled for mid June.
    Much-needed sun, sand, and sea time ahead! 👣