What's in yours?
  1. Sweet potatoes
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    For roasting and mashing
  2. Kale
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    Haters be damned.
  3. Canned tomatoes
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  4. Trader Joe's California Estate extra-virgin olive oil
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  5. Good butter
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    European-style. Either Kerrygold or this new stuff from Brittany, France.
  6. Hot sauce
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    Currently obsessed with Green Dragon Sauce from Trader Joe's
  7. Garlic
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  8. Ginger
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  9. Cilantro
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  10. Flat-leaf parsley
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  11. Onions
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    Tip: storing them in the fridge helps keep tears at bay when you chop them.
  12. Coffee
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    Usually Snob Hill
  13. Flours
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    King Arthur unbleached, whole wheat, chickpea, coconut
  14. Eggs
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    Organic or pastured
  15. Raw nuts and seeds
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    For snacking on and topping challah on Shabbat
  16. Avocados
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    I always buy one ripe one to use within a day or two and one firm one to use later in the week, once it ripens.
  17. Greek yogurt
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    For eating plain and using anywhere I would use sour cream or creme fraiche
  18. Coconut milk
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    For curries and soups
  19. Snacking veggies
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    Mini bell peppers, carrots, celery, etc
  20. Lemons and limes
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    For dressings, freshening a plate of grilled meat/fish, or adding to ice water
  21. Tequila
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    Suggested by @daniel
  22. Cheese
    Suggested by @jill
  23. Corn tortillas
    When in doubt, put it in a taco.
    Suggested by @jeanette