Annual Kosher for Passover Products: The Master List ➕

@EricElkins @sophia @bjnovak @Flurn @josh @evan @toriavey @zkamenetz @samantharonson @daniellenuss @LevNovak @rebeccalou and everyone familiar with your grocery store's Passover display please chime in.
  1. Manischewitz toasted coconut marshmallows
    My Aunt Thelma went crazy for these. I always thought they tasted slightly like fish, and eventually learned that this is because they are made with kosher fish-based gelatin.
  2. Raspberry ring gels
    @evan's favorite.
  3. Manischewitz macaroons
    See @EricElkins' list for a variety of real and made-up flavors.
  4. is on it (though probably mostly not with a heksher, if that matters to you)//
    Suggested by   @josh
  5. Just picked up a box of these bad boys
    Suggested by   @michaelpcohen
  6. Anatevka Vodka. It's Potato-based, and yes, kosher for Passover. It was a Pesach staple during the college years. I can find no evidence suggesting it's still around. 😿
    Suggested by   @Flurn
  7. Russ & Daughters toffee chocolate matzah
    Not a grocery store item, but you can order it over the phone if you don't live in New York! So, so good and a big hostess gift hit.
    Suggested by   @julia
  8. Ben & Jerry's Kosher for Passover Charoset Ice Cream
    @gabimoskowitz Can you believe it?!
    Suggested by   @Flurn