Am I spiritual or paranoid? You be the judge.
  1. Recently, @molliekatzen and I were laughing about an autocorrected text she sent me.
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    She meant to say "both," but autocorrect changed it to "Borge", which prompted a discussion about Victor Borge, the Danish pianist and comedian.
  2. I confessed a belief I have long held: that autocorrect is God/the universe/Steve Jobs' way of trying to tell us something about our unconscious/soul/future. It's Freudian, in a sense. And sometimes it's mystical.
  3. I also believe this about the shuffle function on iPods.
    "Oh, you decided to play THAT song on my walk to an important meeting??" It's my daily reminder that there is indeed order to the universe.
  4. Technology can surely be problematic in some ways, but I really think that if we pay attention, it can offer us glimpses into our inner selves. Autocorrect is its way of showing us what our unconscious is meditating on.
    Kind of like a Ouija board.
  5. And sure, maybe sometimes it's just fumbly thumbs + faulty technology.
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    But then again, maybe it's not.
  6. Do we detect a moralistic bent?
    When "eclipse" becomes "evil doers" and "nonstick" comes out as "monastic," one begins to suspect.
    Suggested by @molliekatzen