1. Califia Toasted Coconut (almond-coconut milk blend).
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    This is my all-time favorite for making smoothies and pouring over cereal. The coconut flavor is really subtle, and it complements fruit really well.
  2. Almond Breeze Unsweetened Original
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    This one is creamy, a little bit sour, and good for oatmeal, coffee and baking.
  3. Natural Value Coconut Milk (can)
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    Natural value is a great brand committed to making affordable organic pantry goods, and their coconut milk is fantastic. It's too thick for things like coffee or cereal, but a little bit goes a long way in a smoothie, curry, or stew. The absolute best thing you can do with it though, is to whip it with an electric beater until it turns into a thick whipped cream-like mousse. Plain or with fresh berries, it's a great low-carb, nondairy, Paleo, pareve dessert!
  4. Silk Chocolate Soymilk
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    A good chocolate milk alternative, with a pleasantly nutty flavor. Pour it into hot coffee for an instant mocha, heat it up with a little bit of cinnamon for Mexican-style hot chocolate, or blend it with frozen bananas for a delicious frappe.
  5. Living Harvest Tempt Hemp Milk (unsweetened original)
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    It won't get you high, but it's got a bright, clean flavor and a creamy consistency. I like it in Earl Grey tea.
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