@evan and I have been in Wisconsin for the past week (first Madison, now Milwaukee) and I can't even remember how people talk in California.
  1. Computer
    Pronounced "cahm-pyoooo-tuur." Evan's mom refers to the okCupid origin of our relationship as our having met "in the cahm-pyoooo-tuur."
  2. Bag
    Pronounced "beyyg." As in "there's one more beyyg of cheese curds if anyone wants them."
  3. Or no?
    @ChrisK told me about this one. Pronounced "Or noh?" Example: "Can I getcha more cheese curds? Or noh?"
  4. Gluten
    Pronounced "glooooh-ten." As in "Oh yes, hello there. I have celiac so I need to know if these cheese curds have any glooooh-ten in them. Or noh?"
  5. Car
    Pronounced "cah-ehr." Example: we need to be going because we have 3 beyygs of cheese curds in the cah-ehr and we don't want them to go bad."
  6. And don't forget "cooooooke"
    In Mn tooooooo!
    Suggested by @robyn
  7. Peacock
    Suggested by @film114
  8. "Roof"
    Suggested by @alejandro
  9. "And that" at the end of sentence.
    Suggested by @sharris