Counted, but not ranked.
  1. I have a wonderful partner (@evan) who loves me exactly as I am.
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  2. I have a supportive, loving family.
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  3. My brother (@jgmosko) and I have stayed close despite growing up to be very different people.
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  4. I am healthy.
  5. I am free to practice my religion without persecution.
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  6. I get paid to do something I love.
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  7. I am surrounded by wonderful, supportive friends, IRL and on the internets.
  8. I have access to fresh, healthy, and delicious food that has been grown near where I live.
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  9. My heart has been a little bit battered, but no one has ever succeeded in breaking it.
  10. I live in a breathtakingly beautiful place.
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  11. I get to be part of this tremendously talented, smart community of ListApp beta testers. Getting to know you through your lists has become the highlight of my days.
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  12. Unlimited snuggles available to me.
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