1. Socca
    An exploration and celebration of the world's most versatile chickpea flatbread, which also happens to be gluten-free and low-ish in carbs. I would delve into its Italian and French history, and offer a multitude of variations and toppings.
  2. The $30 Basket
    How to eat extremely well on $30 worth of groceries per week. Recipes and shopping lists.
  3. Kosher Love
    A culinary memoir, a la Cooking for Mr. Latte, about what happens when a religiously omnivorous food writer (me) falls in love with a man who keeps kosher (@evan).
  4. Love Dot Com
    A collection of true personal stories, collected from contributors, about online dating.
  5. Bulk
    A definitive guide to saving money and eating well with food from your grocery store's bulk section.
  6. Hotplate
    A book on eating and cooking well and healthfully in a college dorm.
  7. The Ones Who Got Away
    A collection of stories and essays about love that didn't last.