When I'm not in LA for show tapings or out at the occasional in-person meeting, I work (writing and testing recipes) at home. Sometimes it gets weird.
  1. I write better in bed.
    I'm not sure why, but it's true. I work from bed with a cup of coffee for the first two hours of the day, sometimes more. But it's also just the place where I am most creative and able to get ideas out, so when I have a big writing day, I return to it on and off throughout the day. At first it was a little embarrassing to climb into bed in yoga pants and a t-shirt at 3 pm because I have a deadline to meet, but I'm just happy I've found something that works reliably well.
  2. I get lost in work.
    There are days when this gets ugly. If I have a big project going on, I will sometimes stay indoors all day consuming nothing but coffee, eschewing a bra, and typing furiously all day. You'd think I'd remember to eat since I work with food, but beyond tasting to make sure seasoning/textures are on point, if I have a lot to do, I won't stop to eat. All of this inevitably leads to a 4 PM low blood sugar/caffeine overdose-induced meltdown.
  3. If we are on a conference call, I am exercising while I talk to you.
    This is one of my favorite parts of working from my apartment: I have a small elliptical machine, which I put in front of a chest-high bookshelf to create an exercise desk. I was finding it hard to make time to exercise during busy days, so I brought the gym to me. If I don't need to be on my computer during the call, I lift free weights too. Here's the elliptical: www.amazon.com/Stamina-In-Motion-Elliptical-Trainer/dp/B00AQ7ZNEA
  4. When I get exciting news, it's a little sad to not be able to share it in person with anyone right away.
    When I got the call that my first book deal was a go, I was home alone. I yelped and jumped around with crazy excited energy for a few minutes and then eventually ran outside my apartment and told some strangers walking by, "I'm writing a book! I'm writing a book!" They were nice considering how crazy I'm sure I seemed.
  5. I divide the day up on my google calendar at the beginning of every day, and when I get alerts that it's time to switch to something new, I stick to it (usually).
    Otherwise I will either work for too long on one thing and neglect something else, or I will be too tempted to catch up on Law and Order SVU.
  6. Lunches with friends are my salvation.
    See you in 2 hours, @molliekatzen!