Season 2 of Young & Hungry, a TV show inspired by my food blog, premieres tomorrow on ABC Family. It's about a San Francisco chef named Gabi, with whom i have a lot in common. But not everything.
  1. I never slept with my boss.
    Gabi (played by Emily Osment) and Josh, the hot tech entrepreneur she works as a personal chef for (played by Jonathan Sadowski) get it on in the first episode of season one. I've never been so lucky/unprofessional. But then again, I've never worked for anyone as hot as Sadowski.
  2. Gabi Diamond's mom is dead.
    Mine is alive, well, and still not thrilled about that choice (not made by me).
  3. I'm pretty sure she is not Jewish.
    This is the main question my Jewish relatives had about the show when it first aired. With the last name Diamond, it really could go either way, but we've never addressed it directly on the show, and I have a hunch she's not a member of the tribe.
  4. She wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts.
    Gabi Diamond cooks in miniskirts and impossibly high heels, always topped off with adorable custom-made aprons. She looks amazing at all times. In the kitchen, I am more likely to be wearing leggings, running shoes, a flour-dusted t-shirt, and an apron I got for free at the JCC.
  5. She loves to bake.
    I'm excellent with savory foods, but I have little to no interest in cookies and cakes, and often burn them if I am not paying attention.
  6. She never graduated from college.
    I did. Emerson '04, baby.
  7. She rolls with the punches.
    Josh's publicist, Elliot (played brilliantly by Rex Lee) hurls insults at Gabi on a daily basis and she's like, "whatevs." I would spend every day crying in the bathroom if I worked with someone like that.
  8. She knows what she wants to be when she grows up.
    At her age I was Ms. Quarter Life Crisis.
  9. She is way braver and bolder than I was at her age.
    I am more so now, but not in my early 20's, which is how old she is on the show. She gets into way more trouble than I did, but she also has a lot more fun.
  10. You are a real person, not a character on a tv show
    Obvious, right?
    Suggested by @amybsherman
  11. You drive with insurance and she doesn't
    I hope
    Suggested by @celine