1. 1994 | Love Me Tender | Elvis Presley | Ian T.
    I had a 50's-themed 12th birthday party. We danced on my family's deck. He told me I could put my head on his shoulder if I wanted. I did. It was tender and sweet and as romantic as things can get when you have no idea what you're doing.
  2. 1993 | The End of the Road | Boyz II Men | Zac R.
    We had liked each other all summer, and finally the end-of-camp dance had arrived. I wore my best jean cut-offs, the cleanest tank top I could find, and some of my counselor's lipgloss. Neither of us knew how to slow dance, so we just kind of hugged and walked in place to the music. At the end, he asked me to be his pen pal when camp ended. I agreed and we spent the first few months of the school year writing long, tortured love letters.
  3. 1995 | I'll Make Love to You | Boyz II Men | Trent C.
    I had the biggest crush on this guy. We danced at my bat mitzvah party in the middle of the dance floor with every one of our classmates, my entire Hebrew school class, and all my extended relatives watching. Even though earlier that day I had officially become a woman, Jewishly-speaking, this was, at that point, the most exciting moment of my life.
  4. 1996 | With or Without You | U2 | Evan B.
    This was the first time I ever made out with someone on a dance floor. We barely knew each other, but before Bono could get to the bridge about giving yourself away, his tongue was in my mouth.
  5. 1995 | Kiss from a Rose | Seal | Joshua H.
    He was my science lab partner and, until that point, the extent of our interactions had been discussion about the grossness of the owl pellets we were dissecting together. So you can imagine my surprise when he tried to touch my butt during this Batman Forever ballad.