I spent today with a videography team filming b-roll of San Francisco for season 2 of Young & Hungry on ABC family. It was a great reminder of how wonderful my city is. Here's what we got today.
  1. The top of Ina Coolbrith Park
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  2. The Heart of the City farmers market by City Hall
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  3. This flower stand, where this kind stranger let us film her buying flowers
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  4. This vegetable stand
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  5. Extensive shots of kale, which I kept having to fluff and re-fluff, between shots
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    @jgmosko, this one's for you, little bro.
  6. This amazing egg stand, run by a man wearing a chicken hat
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    "I want us to get a great architectural shot of the eggs." - our videographer
  7. SoMa StrEATfood
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  8. These nice strangers let us film them eating pizza
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  9. The top of Dolores Park
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    The best.