1. The rush of feeling in the pit of your stomach when you're running, that pushes its way out through your heels, lengthens your stride, and quickens your gait
  2. The utter conviction, upon hearing a song that perfectly speaks to the way you feel in that moment, that God is real
  3. The joy that comes when, after forgetting you were making toast, you suddenly remember, and pull it out just as it turns the exact right shade of golden-brown
  4. The deep sense of relief that follows spilling your guts to a trusted friend
  5. The sudden realization that you have picked the wrong restaurant/vacation spot/hike/board game for a group of people, and will therefore feel guilty if/when anything goes wrong
  6. The full-body cringe when you suddenly and inexplicably remember something stupid you said when you were 12 (or 17 or 22 or 28 or 34)
  7. The warm glow of feeling completely seen by someone
  8. The exact opposite of the previous item
  9. The first bite of a really good burrito. You know it's only going to go downhill from there.
  10. The purgatorial tension-anxiety mashup when you can't tell whether a text conversation is over or whether you should continue responding