@MirandaBerman, I am honored that you think anyone cares about this. ❤️
  1. Chinese potstickers
    Thick wrapper, garlicky, gingery pork filling, crispy bottoms, chewy, steamed noodle tops.
  2. Har gow (shrimp dumplings)
    Sweet shrimp, utterly tender, translucent wrapper. For the most perfect version on earth, try Yank Sing in San Francisco.
  3. A perfect super vegetarian burrito
    Pinto beans, easy on the rice, hot sauce, onions, cilantro, sour cream, avocado. No lettuce, which is a bullshit filler.
  4. Beets
    Red, golden, or candy cane. Roasted or steamed, with a bright, citrusy dressing.
  5. @Larry's matzo brei
    I've listed about it here before. It's simple, savory (onions, pepper, and onion salt), and forever inscribed in my heart as the way matzo brei is supposed to taste.
  6. Kale with a bold, lemony dressing
    Is it lame to include kale here? I swear, I mean it. It must be properly salted and the dressing has to sit on the tough greens for awhile.
  7. Super high quality extra virgin olive oil
    My favorite is Arbequina olio nuovo (new oil) from The Olive Press in Sonoma.
  8. Shahi paneer
    Cubes of paneer in a creamy, tomato-y sauce. Irresistible. In SF, my favorite version is at Guddu de Karahi.
  9. Strauss Family Creamery Greek yogurt
    Nothing compares. It's so rich, you only need a few bites to be satisfied.
  10. Roasted broccolini with garlic, lemon and lots of red chili flakes
    Broccolini is better than broccoli, in case you didn't know.
  11. Chocolate frozen yogurt
    When I was a kid, my dad would take me to Yogurt Farms in Santa Rosa every Thursday, to get frozen yogurt for the family to eat while we watched The Cosby Show together (cookies and cream for him, peanut butter and chocolate for @ouizoid, and chocolate for @jgmosko and me). The recent allegations against Bill Cosby have marred the TV component of that memory, but the family and yogurt parts will be sweet forever.
  12. Swedish Fish
    I will take these over any fancy dessert (sorry @eatthelove--please still respect me).