Sure, you could just go paleo and forego all starch, but where is the fun in that? For @videodrew :)
  1. Tinkyada rice pasta
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    So tender yet chewy, it's nearly indistinguishable from regular pasta. I like to buy the brown rice variety, which has a little extra fiber and a nice, nutty flavor. It's great in Asian noodle dishes, or with Italian pasta sauces. They also make a fabulous lasagna noodle. The products are not carried in every grocery store, so I usually buy it on Amazon
  2. Gluten-free pizza dough
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    I came up with this recipe after being pressured by my publisher to include a gluten-free dough recipe in a cookbook I was working on. It turned out to become one of my favorite pizza dough recipes, period. Instead of using weird gums or flour additives, this dough gets its chew from psyllium fiber, which you can find in the vitamin aisle.
  3. Vietnamese spring rolls
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    Once you learn how to work with Vietnamese spring roll rice wrappers, your gluten-free world will open up immensely. Anytime I have leftover grilled or roasted meat, fish or tofu, I like to wrap it up in one of these with veggies and fresh herbs. Dip it in peanut sauce (see @molliekatzen's excellent recipe list) or Asian chili sauce, and you have yourself a light, gluten-free meal. Here's a video to help you//
  4. Gluten-free potstickers
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    If you search "gluten-free potstickers" in ListApp, you'll actually find my recipe. Once again it uses handy Vietnamese spring roll wrappers, this time layered on top of each other to create a thick, chewy dumpling skin. Here it is on my website
  5. Good corn tortillas
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    If you are foregoing wheat, spending a little bit extra on the super high-quality, thick corn tortillas is a good idea. Use them to make tacos, quesadillas, or even to be the base of a quick pizza (spread with tomato sauce, top with shredded mozzarella and any other toppings, and pop under the broiler). The handmade all-corn tortillas from Trader Joe's are my favorite.
  6. Food for Life gluten-free multi-seed English muffins
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    These get insanely crispy in the toaster, have a lovely complex flavor, and are a perfect base for everything from plain butter to avocado to hummus to peanut butter to Nutella. I am actually not gluten-free, but I would choose these over regular English muffins any day. Look for them in the freezer section, next to the gluten-free breads.
  7. Socca, AKA chickpea flour flatbread
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    I also did a recipe list for this per @zoe's request, but here it is on my site Chickpea flour is super cheap and very easy to work with. I also like to use this flatbread as the base for gluten-free pizza.
  8. Alton Brown's GF chocolate chip cookies
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    The flour mixing is a little involved, but as per usual, Mr. Brown knows what he's talking about. Unlike most gluten-free cookies, which are strictly crunchy and crispy, these actually have a lovely chew
  9. Bonus: GFF Magazine
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    My friend Erika created an incredible print and PDF quarterly magazine devoted to all things gluten-free. It's absolutely gorgeous and has phenomenal content. It's usually available at Whole Foods, but you can also get it here