Until recently, I was a problem-free flyer. Now I get really anxious during flight turbulence. I know I should probably just get a Xanax prescription, but today I tried to cope, drug-free.
  1. Holding @evan's hand.
    This was probably the most helpful thing since it made me feel as safe as one can possibly feel while strapped in an aluminum canoe with wings as it propels through space. He was so sweet and does this great thing where he reminds me that I am ok and smoothes my cheek. I should also mention that he was trying to work on his iPad during our flight, and did a great job of doing it one-handed.
  2. Breathing through my nose.
    Supposedly this slows down your heart rate. In any case, I found it beneficially distracting to focus on my breathing.
  3. Watching "Top Five"
    It's hard to worry about a plane crash when @Ders808 is screaming, "KNUCK UP!"
  4. Pretending we're actually on a bus.
    A bumpy bus ride wouldn't bother me at all.
  5. ➕➕But I need more ways to deal.
    I get on an airplane at least twice a month these days, and Evan is not always with me (and I don't want to invade strangers' personal space by grabbing their hands). How can I make this more manageable? How do you deal?
  6. Xanax ......
    Suggested by @natasha
  7. I once sat next to a pilot who said to imagine you're in a submarine and the turbulence is normal water currents. Freaky in theory, but actually kinda works for me.
    Suggested by @Grosstastic
  8. Also double gin and tonics.
    Suggested by @Grosstastic