How to Cut a Mango

Fresh mangos are tricky little bitches, but so tasty. Here's how to conquer them.
  1. Using a sharp knife, slice off a side, staying about 1/2-inch from the center (this is where the pit is).
  2. Hold the piece you cut off in your palm.
  3. Use the knife to gently score the mango flesh (without slicing through the skin) lengthwise cuts.
  4. Now score the mango crosswise, again, making sure not to cut through the skin.
  5. Use a regular spoon (like the kind you would eat cereal with) to scoop the mango flesh out of the skin.
  6. Alternately, raise to lips and devour.
  7. Continue slicing large sides of the mango, avoiding the pit, and repeating the score-and-scoop process.
  8. Eventually you will be left with a fleshy pit. Cut away any usable chunks of mango and dice them by hand on a cutting board.
    Anything left is the chef's treat.