I admit: I have a problem with meal kits. Perhaps it's how hugely wasteful they are. Maybe it's because I spend my days writing recipes that are approachable. Or maybe it's because these companies are sending the message to millennials that they can't manage grocery shopping and measuring ingredients and that is BS. In any case, here's a better way
  1. Think about what you want for dinner.
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    Kale salad with poached salmon? Beef stew? Chicken stir-fry? Paneer Tikka Masala? Sweet potato tacos? Gnocchi with pesto? Turkey burgers? What are you craving?
  2. Got it? OK, now Google a recipe for it.
    Or, if you want to take care of a few meals at once, use a meal planning app or website and choose meals there. Here are some recommended ones: http://www.thekitchn.com/5-online-meal-and-menu-planning-tools-169221
  3. Using a grocery delivery company like Fresh Direct, Amazon Fresh, Good Eggs, or my favorite, Instacart, order all the ingredients you don't already have on hand (along with anything else you need -- I especially like using grocery delivery for bulky items I don't want to schlep, like toilet paper or cat litter).
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    Now, you may be saying, "But Gabi, this is more work than and about as costly as ordering a meal kit! Why would I bother??" To which I will tell you that actually it is MUCH less expensive than ordering a meal kit because when you order a meal kit, you only get enough ingredients for the ONE meal you're making. Whereas here, you'll have enough to make significantly more, thereby making it a far better deal. And yes, you have to plug in the individual items, but it will take maybe 2 minutes tops.
  4. Receive your groceries without having to leave your house.
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  5. Measure and prep the ingredients yourself.
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    All the info you need for this is in the recipe.
  6. Cook dinner like you've been doing it your whole life.
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    Attractive stock model spouse optional.