How to Use Resistbot to Send Letters to Your Reps From Your Phone

Have you discovered Resistbot yet? It's the easiest way to flood multiple Congressional representatives' offices at once. Right now, from your phone. Do not wait. It's so easy.
  1. Text the word "resist" to 504-09
  2. Follow the instructions.
    It will ask for your full name and zip code to match you to your reps. Per their privacy policy, they do not sell or spam users.
  3. When it asks what you want to say, type your message.
    Maybe start with: "I request you call for an immediate independent investigation into President Trump's ties to Russia and Vladimir Putin in the wake of FBI Director Comey being fired. And urgently appoint a special independent prosecutor. Thank you."
  4. That's it. You'll have the option to add to your message or start over.
  5. The bot sends letters to multiple reps.
    It's insanely easy.