I want to travel to all these places with you, @sophia!
  1. Ojai
    Mountains, ocean, beautiful spas, and incredible hiking.
  2. La Jolla
    Super affluent town neighboring San Diego. Gorgeous, gorgeous beaches.
  3. Tiburon
    Just north of San Francisco, but it feels a world away. Spend an afternoon drinking on the dock at Sam's, then go for a walk along the water, buy saltwater taffy, and sober up with a perfect cappuccino.
  4. Gualala
    Way up north, close to Mendocino, this little hippie town operates at a distinctly slow pace, but it's incredibly relaxing.
  5. Morro Bay
    It has a special place in my heart
    Suggested by @tinabell
  6. Carmel-By-The-Sea
    It's probably not "idyllic" in the traditional sense because it's so fancy pants, but it's cute and a great jumping off point to drive up and down Big Sur which is totally idyllic.
    Suggested by @eatthelove