What's in yours?
  1. Penis lengthening devices
  2. Penis-beautifying creams of various sorts
    Sadly not the Steve Martin variety
  3. Disgraced princes who have lost all their wealth and need my help to get it back
    In exchange for a 10% cash thank-you to me if I send their fraudulent money orders via Western Union
  4. People posing as my Facebook friends, claiming to be stranded in Europe and in need of cash
  5. Weight loss pills that are probably illegal in the US
  6. Erectile dysfunction treatments that are probably illegal in the US
  7. 2-3 important emails I needed to see weeks ago
  8. Fake bills asking me to immediately transfer $1,274
    Suggested by @oh_goodlord
  9. Actual spam.
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    Suggested by @sippey
  10. Notifications from Twitter:)
    Suggested by @rayxiao92
  11. An email asking me if C A N T. G E T G I R L S ?
    Mrs. Francisca, the author of this email, "wants to get pounded by a hard d@ck." (I am unsure what a d@ck is).
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  12. Something from somebody called BenFranklin2026
    Suggested by @shawnastoltzfoos
  13. Off-grid generatir
    Offering "cheap electricity from thin air". (What if the air is thick? I just sit in the dark?)
    Suggested by @heatherv