1. I grew up going to a wonderful camp in Yosemite, called Tawonga (@alina and @dena went there too).
    It's magical.
  2. Every year, on the last day of camp, we all wiped away tears while we hugged and sang "Leaving on a Jet Plane."
    I still can't listen to that song without getting a little weepy.
  3. Just before we boarded the busses, one of the camp directors would address the group with the same speech.
    "If you loved your time here this summer, see if you can bring a little of that special feeling home with you, and share it. Whether that means trying to get along with your siblings the way you did with your bunkmates at camp, trying new things like you did at camp, or taking care of the earth the way we do at camp. Camp can be with you all year long."
  4. While cheesy, I'm thinking those sentiments are applicable here.
    Maybe we'll have to be a little more careful with what we share as of tomorrow, but the open culture we've created here doesn't have to go away. We can bring it into the next phase with us if we choose to.
  5. It's scary to be open online, but we're the pioneers. If we're brave and kind, others will be too.
    This is the end of the beta, but it's also the beginning of something huge.