Thanks @eatthelove! I am still getting used to them, but so far so good.
  1. I hadn't had an eye exam in over a decade. I briefly wore glasses in college, but i hated the way they looked, and my prescription was fairly mild anyway, so I just stopped wearing them.
  2. Lately, I have noticed that, when I work at my computer for an extended period of time, my eyes get really tired, and I sometimes get minor headaches. 3 separate people and webMD told me it was because I needed glasses.
    The writing was on the wall (even though it looked kind of blurry to me).
  3. So, when I saw that LensCrafters was having a 40% off sale on lenses, I figured this was as good a time as any to finally go deal with it.
  4. During my eye exam, it was immediately apparent that I am nearsighted in my right eye and farsighted in my left eye. I also have some mild astigmatism.
    The doctor put exam lenses on me that matched the prescription my eventual glasses would have, and I could not believe how clear everything suddenly became. How the hell have I managed to do anything with such poor eyesight?
  5. The optometrist dilated my pupils so she could check my eye health, which meant I had to wear sunglasses around the Stonestown Galleria while I waited for my glasses to be finished.
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    I looked like an asshole, but it was kind of fun.
  6. Finally I returned to the store to get my brand new glasses. For the past 24 hours, I have talked of nothing but how amazingly clear everything is.
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    It's a new look for me, but I'm digging it so far.