Per @lenadunham's request 💜
  1. Cook's Illustrated
    A magazine for the food science obsessed, from the same people who make America's Test Kitchen on PBS. Their recipes are unparalleled because they test everything at least 47 times, noting every variable imaginable. A very no-frills magazine with old-school illustrated byline photos.
  2. Real Simple
    Great info about simplifying and improving your life, plus eye-pleasing design and thoughtful essays about mindfulness.
  3. Bust
    Feminist, political, good fashion, great writing. They put interesting, brilliant, talented women on their covers (like @mindy and @crb), and do great interviews.
  4. Psychology Today
    A fun, accessible presentation of current mental health studies and information, with good, very usable tips. Smart and well-written. And Hara Estroff Marano's advice column is the best.
  5. O Magazine
    Lovely think-pieces, fantastic recipes, beautiful sweaters and gorgeous scented candles. Is it really any surprise that Lady O created a gorgeously-presented, engaging magazine?
  6. Nylon
    For years, I maintained the belief that I was not cool enough to read this magazine. I'm so glad I finally got over myself and picked it up at the airport one day! Great fashion, fun pieces on up-and-comers. Reminds me a little bit of ye olde Jane Magazine (RIP).
  7. Runner Up: Improper Bostonian
    This is my favorite of the free, city-specific magazines. I pick it up every time I'm in Boston. Great coverage of the goings-on in one of my favorite cities, good design, and the fun of feeling like you're reading a proper magazine even though it's free!