What are yours?
  1. "I am enough. I have enough. I do enough."
    When I feel like I'm not enough.
  2. "Radical acceptance of everyone, including myself."
    When I'm feeling judgmental of others...and judging myself for being so judgmental.
  3. "We are happily floating and the bumps are just little air pockets."
    When airplane turbulence scares me.
  4. "Be Here Now"
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  5. "Be kind to yourself, you're doing the best you can"
    Suggested by @kate81
  6. "In the grand scheme of things, this is not a big deal."
    When I need to remind myself to have perspective. Mainly when it comes to work stress.
    Suggested by @amieshmamie
  7. "y así es la cosa"
    "and so it is..." it a line from one of my favorite poems and it relates life to being two wing flaps and idk it just reminds me that this is the in between of life and death and there really is nothing i can do...it it just is
    Suggested by @catharuin
  8. This is my world just as much as it's anyone else's.
    I have trouble with taking up space, being a "disturbance" in the world and on the people around me, and this helps me reverse that thinking.
    Suggested by @lexie_elyse
  9. Static
    Suggested by @cvlop61
  10. "The only way out is through"
    Suggested by @littlegreen
  11. "Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you…" - Steve Jobs
    It really helps when I'm doubting myself and my potential.
    Suggested by @edda
  12. Don't borrow trouble.
    My grandfather said it all the time and my mom just quoted it to me again yesterday. Helpful for my most anxious moments.
    Suggested by @marykathryn
  13. Life is very short. Insecurity is a waste of time.
    Suggested by @jpbateson
  14. "Think better, do better"
    A reminder that positive results come from positive thoughts. A mantra for when I'm not getting on in life, it reminds me to check in with my thoughts.
    Suggested by @jessicaz
  15. Remember the love.
    It's easy for me to focus on all that I don't have, ways I feel unsupported, how I'm not where I want to be. This reminds me of all the good things and people right in front of me, and to keep turning to the light.
    Suggested by @meganriordan
  16. Everything seems impossible until you do it
    Embarrassingly I probably use this most when I'm writing essays
    Suggested by @kateod
  17. I'm OK. You're OK.
    Simple reminder for me to chill and have some perspective.
    Suggested by @naomistarr
  18. "Assume good intent."
    For when my instinct is to assume the opposite.
    Suggested by @adelynn
  19. Grow slowly
    When I'm being impatient with myself
    Suggested by @mazzymar
  20. Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.
    For when I'm fighting the consumerism deeply imbedded in my American psyche. (Usually in TJ Maxx)
    Suggested by @DavidT66
  21. It is what it is
    Oversimplified? Try to deny it
    Suggested by @MMeanswell
  22. "The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be" - Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Suggested by @juliet_ate_romeo
  23. Feel feelings & get shit done
    Said anytime I've nearly cried when some boss (every time a guy) has made me feel frustrated/not good enough/like I fucking owe them something for the pleasure of dealing with their misogyny
    Suggested by @linzamauve
  24. My new mantra - Just get on with it!
    Suggested by @jpbateson
  25. The journey is the reward.
    Getting there is all the fun. It's better to travel than to arrive.
    Suggested by @andersun