@ouizoid is new here! And she's pretty special.
  1. Her name Ouisue is pronounced "Weezy," as in Weezy Jefferson or Lil Weezy.
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    It's short for Louise.
  2. She grew up hunting, fishing, and riding in rodeos.
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    She is a badass.
  3. She got a PhD while raising @jgmosko and me AND working full time.
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    And she won 2 awards for her dissertation.
  4. She's a psychologist.
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    People everywhere pick up on this and tell her their problems, unprompted.
  5. She's married to Larry, my dad.
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    Aren't they cute?
  6. She taught me to cook!
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    She set up a play stove for me in the kitchen next to her real stove, and she would talk me through whatever she was cooking, and I would make my own little version of it in my Fisher-Price pots and pans.
  7. She's a great resource for anything about mental health, science, and biology. Ask her for lists!
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