Meet My Mom

@ouizoid is new here! And she's pretty special.
  1. Her name Ouisue is pronounced "Weezy," as in Weezy Jefferson or Lil Weezy.
    It's short for Louise.
  2. She grew up hunting, fishing, and riding in rodeos.
    She is a badass.
  3. She got a PhD while raising @jgmosko and me AND working full time.
    And she won 2 awards for her dissertation.
  4. She's a psychologist.
    People everywhere pick up on this and tell her their problems, unprompted.
  5. She's married to Larry, my dad.
    Aren't they cute?
  6. She taught me to cook!
    She set up a play stove for me in the kitchen next to her real stove, and she would talk me through whatever she was cooking, and I would make my own little version of it in my Fisher-Price pots and pans.
  7. She's a great resource for anything about mental health, science, and biology. Ask her for lists!