These plus songs I learned at camp = my current taste in music.
  1. Peter, Paul & Mary
    Especially Peter, Paul & Mommy and Flowers & Stones.
  2. The Kingston Trio
    Other kids were not impressed that I knew all the words to "Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley."
  3. Gilbert & Sullivan
    Thank you @Larry.
  4. Musicals
    Especially Phantom and Les Mis. @jgmosko and I loved singing along to "Master of the House" because it was an excuse to say swear words.
  5. Dar Williams
    "As Cool as I Am" every morning on the way to middle school.
  6. "When You're in Love, the Whole World is Jewish"
    Musical and comedy album that did not help my cool factor at the time, but now helps me keep up with older Jews' references to it, like "Irving, the hundred and forty-second fastest gun in the west."
  7. Baseball's Greatest Hits
    Amazing album of songs strictly about baseball.
  8. Holly Near
    When I played her song "Sky Dances" for @evan, he laughed at me for about 45 minutes.
  9. John McCutcheon
    He had a great song about astronomy with the line "when Orion hunts the Great Bear," but my brother and I sang "humps" instead of "hunts"