During the 10 days between Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish new year) and Yom Kippur (the day of atonement), it is practice to reflect, meditate, and talk about the past year's transgressions, and how we can be kinder and better in the year to come. I like to start this process by listening to music. These are some current favorites.
  1. Barenaked Ladies, Take it Back
    Save me from a villainous imagination/Deliver me from my friends/If I said something to make you mad/I will take it back http://bit.ly/1MqvBW6
  2. Barenaked Ladies, What a Good Boy
    We've got these chains, hang 'round our necks/people want to strangle us with them before we take our first breath/Afraid of change, afraid of staying the same when temptation calls/we just look away http://bit.ly/1MqvA4g
  3. Billy Joel, Summer, Highland Falls
    Now we are forced to recognize our inhumanity/ Our reason coexists with our insanity/And though we choose between reality and madness/It's either sadness or euphoria http://bit.ly/1QEoR5D
  4. The Bleachers, I Wanna Get Better
    I didn’t know I was lonely 'til I saw your face / I wanna get better, better, better, better / I wanna get better / I didn't know I was broken 'til i wanted to change / I wanna get better, better, better, better / I wanna get better http://bit.ly/1MqwxK5
  5. Dar Williams, The Ocean
    And the ones that can know you so well are the ones that can swallow you whole/I have a good and I have an evil, I thought the ocean, the ocean thought nothing/ You are the welcoming back from the ocean. http://bit.ly/1KeF5zX
  6. David Gray, Please Forgive Me
    Help me out here/All my words are falling short/And there's so much I want to say./Want to tell you just how good it feels/When you look at me that way, ah/When you look at me that way. http://bit.ly/1MqvA4h
  7. Death Cab for Cutie, The Sound of Settling
    My brain's repeating,/"If you've got an impulse, let it out"/But they never make it past my mouth http://bit.ly/1KeF6UC
  8. Indigo Girls, Galileo
    How long 'til my soul gets it right/Can any human being ever reach that kind of light/I call on the resting soul of Galileo king of night vision/ King of insight http://bit.ly/1FegxrW
  9. Mary Lambert, Secrets
    They tell us from the time we're young / To hide the things that we don't like about ourselves / Inside ourselves/ I know I'm not the only one/Who spent so long attempting to be someone else/Well, I'm over it http://bit.ly/1KeF5zZ
  10. Roy Orbison, You Got it
    I live my life to be with you./No one can do the things you do./Anything you want, you got it. http://bit.ly/1KeF6UE
  11. Steve Earle, Jerusalem
    But I believe there'll come a day when the lion and the lamb/Will lie down in peace together in Jerusalem/And there'll be no barricades then/There'll be no wire or walls/And we can wash all this blood from our handsAnd all this hatred from our souls/And I believe that on that day all the children of Abraham/Will lay down their swords forever in Jerusalem http://bit.ly/1MqvCck