I rarely swerve from this order.
  1. Steamed or griddled flour tortilla.
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    I used to only order whole wheat, but then I realized, hey, I'm already planning to eat a burrito. Best to make it as delicious as possible and then compensate with healthy eating the rest of the time. Very important that it be soft and pliable, which means either steaming it before filling, or throwing it on the plancha afterward.
  2. No meat.
    I was a vegetarian for close to 20 years and even though I eat meat now, having it in a burrito just feels like too much stuff.
  3. Cheese.
    Duh. Ideally jack or queso quesadilla.
  4. Whole pinto beans.
    Refried beans are too messy, and black beans overtake the flavor.
  5. Light on the rice.
    You need a little to soak up the juices, but too much makes each bite feel dry.
  6. A roasted, smoky salsa.
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    Not pico de gallo--something with tomato that had been cooked down to yield a deeper flavor.
  7. Sliced avocado, chopped onion, and cilantro.
    This is in lieu of guacamole. Taquerias often dilute their guacamole, either with sour cream or too much tomato, making it watery. This, on the other hand, smushes together inside the burrito with the salsa to create an impromptu fresh guac.
  8. Sour cream, ideally real Mexican crema.
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    Mexican crema is about nine million times more delicious than sour cream (and sour cream is pretty good).
  9. A small handful of chips.
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    I don't want to fill up on the chips, but they're a great tool for scooping up fallen filling.
  10. Pure joy.
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    It's a sometimes food, but those times are the yummiest.